Revenant has both the authentic heaviness of Thrash Metal
and the rhythmic drama and set-up of the more classic, mainstream
rock legends from way back when. The structure of the track offers
a thoughtful bit of drama, the layout takes you through the various
musical moments in an unpredictable way. The thickness of the
sound is fairly consistent, without proper speakers or headphones
the weight of the bass and the low end of the drum is lost a little
which leaves things lingering in the air more than they ought to, but
when heard effectively the sound reveals everything bit by bit.
A little moment of softness would’ve helped the screams to have
more impact. Contrast is hugely effective in music, though actually
after the half way mark a particular set of guitar riffs come into play
that do offer a different angle – a space within which to reflect upon
the track and its concept. As things develop, that drama mentioned
at the start really starts to show itself – the set up is theatrical in a
way, the lines are delivered in short and quick successions, and the
various riffs step forwards one by one until this all encompassing
moment takes over.
       Things end abruptly, though for the hardcore metal and hard-
rock fan this will simply mean pressing play again, without
question, to re-explore the thickness and to try once more to catch
those lyrics and get into the core of what the Revenant in this case
really means. The structure is strong, but a little more contrast,
regardless of genre, is always a great way to get a track to stand
out and reach new audiences. Having said that, this is not always
the aim, and for the purpose of being heavy and intense and all
consuming, it does its job well.

By Rebecca Cullen
Altar of Flesh with their new single ‘Revenant’ “an authentic
heaviness of Thrash Metal”
Exposed Vocals -- June 2, 2017