from left
James Patrick -- Bass/ Backing Vocals
Matt "Road Rage" Santos -- Drums
Jason Santos -- Guitar/ Vocals
Nick Ward -- Guitar/ Backing vocals
Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, Altar of Flesh was formed in 1999.
Altar of flesh have released 4 demos, self titled (1999), 'Faithful Forlorn'
(2001), 'Upon the Altar' (2003), and 'Raw Meat' (2006). The first three
demos were compiled and released through Statue Records in 2005,
on a cd called 'Unleashing The Angelgrinder' . The first full length
album, 'Vilified ' has been released in 2009.

Altar of Flesh have had the honor to share the stage with Morbid Angel,
Monstrosity, Vital Remains, Malevolent Creation, All That Remains,
Lowbrow (feat. Allen West of Obituary/Six Feet Under), Maruta,
Psychostick, Social Infestation, Crematorium, Bloodlet, Bloodjinn,
Corpus Cristi, Jucifer, Council of the Fallen, Gardy Loo, and many
more great bands.