Flesh Grinder Webzine--December 2007

Flesh Grinder:
How long have you guys been around?

Jason Santos: We've been "a band" since 1997, but have been serious and
active since 1999.

FG: What is your favorite song to play?

JS: Matt(drums) is quite fond of playing 'Wrath of Divine Plagues' an older track
that has found new life with some recently changed lyrics and new retouches to
the music, Stefan(bass/vocals) enjoys playing 'Blood of the Impaled' and I
(Jason--Guitar/Vokillz) really enjoy playing our brand new tune 'Venomous
Tongues of Riotousness' hot off the presses this one CRUSHES!!

FG: What other bands have you been in?

JS: Stefan hasn't been in any other bands, I have played in some bands in middle
and high school, the coolest of which was called Antle, and both Matt and I formed
a band before A.O.F. called Sodomizing Suzie (and for the record, there was NO
body named Suzie in either of our lives...it just sounded cool). I've also
moonlighted with a crappy rock/acoustic gig called Broken Union it was nothing
really to brag about

FG: How long have you guys been on heavycore?

JS: We've been a member of Heavy core since a year before they started
charging the annual fee..probably 5 years or so. I must say, it has been an
INVALUABLE resource for us, and I'm ashamed to say, we haven't even utilized
too many of their services and projects. We competed in last year's core-wars
and we didn't do too bad, our only hope was not to get pounded in the first round
and we at least got to the second round..so Ha!!

FG: What bands have you opened up for?
We have opened for Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, All That
Remains, Crematorium, Lowbrow (featuring members of Obituary and Nasty
Savage), Gardy Loo, Social Infestation, Jucifer, Damad, and Council of the Fallen

FG: What are some future plans for Altar of flesh?

JS: We are currently working on our full length album, it's coming along great.
We've been recording our tracks at a pretty rapid rate and we're optimistic that we
can have our album out in the earlier half of 2008. Other than that just getting out
there and playing anywhere they'll have us, (shameless plug!!--hit us up at

FG: What do you think about the metal scene across the US?

JS: Well, I will say about the metal scene across the U.S. that we metal bands,
fans, and other affiliates to the scene that we have the greatest love for the music
than any other audience for any other genre of music. I mean, you don't find the
same ravenous desire to promote alternative, or rap or any of that stuff as you do
with metal. From some guy running a web stream of his and his buddies' bands to
the kid running little homemade zines out of his parents' basement to Pete Altieri
running a promotion juggernaut like Heavy core, we've got the best scene of any
style of music. For example, we had some chick from Slovakia email us asking for
an autographed picture...that's crazy to think that our autograph could make
someone halfway around the globe happy.

FG: How would you describe the sound of Altar of flesh?

JS: I would describe our music as...hmmm...well, we've started off as a groove
oriented death metal band, drawing alot of Swansong era Carcass references
from fans, but we kind of morphed into more of a death/grind kind of band, we
called our selves "gore-core" but we've kind of evolved from that into being
slightly progressive while maintaining our brutality and technicality. We have an
"anything goes" attitude to our music so who knows--we have the mind-set that
we'll make the best music we can make and we'll let fans decide what sub-genre
we fit into.

FG: What are some of your influences?

JS: Matt( drums)--Slayer, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Van Halen, Motley Crue,
Sepultura,and Arch Enemy

Stefan(bass/vocals)--Slayer, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, and Mudvayne

Jason(guitar/vokillz)--Nevermore, Megadeth, Hypocrisy,Deicide, Immolation,
Kreator, Sodom, Carcass, Venom, Black Sabbath, and pre-black Metallica